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regardless of whether or not video surveillance is headed toward ip, analog will always have a place in the market. the ease of connection, immediate transmission rate, simple maintenance, and safe and stable application will all keep analog a mainstay in video surveillance. to fit some systems integrators and end users’ needs for analog systems, hikvision launched its first hd analog systems, turbo hd, ranging from cameras to dvrs

turbo hd analog solution is available in two resolutions: 2 megapixels at 1080p and 1.3 megapixels at 720p. this allows for 900tvl to 1,100tvl of hd quality, which should be able to satisfy most hd surveillance needs.
• long-distance transmission: it transmits 1,080p over 300 meters via a 75-5 ohm coaxial cable and 720p up to 500 meters.
• open platform: hikvision’s turbo hd analog system is compatible with hdtvi products of same type from third party companies. it can also receive different signals from 1,080p network cameras, 960h cameras, and sd analog cameras.

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